The Bite’s Gift Guide

So we're about a week and a half out from Christmas and for all of you procrastinators out there, I have come up with my very own Gift Guide for this season. There are so many cool and fun exciting options out there for you. I feel like the options keep getting better and better as each year passes. So get to work!

1). Farm To People, have endless options. Amazing gift boxes for every kind of person. My personal favorites, Pizza Party, Smoke & Bourbon, The Home Mixologist. They even have one called Pregnancy Cravings. I mean how freaking cool is that?!? It's a one a done kind of thing. 2). At Sur la Table, the instapot is honestly flying off the shelves. People are going nuts for these things. It's literally a crock-pot on steroids. You have zero time to make dinner after you've just walked in the door from work and the gym. You throw it in the pot and it can be ready in 30 minutes or less. There also is a delay start option. 3). At Sur la Table, the crock-pot is always a great gift option for busy bees, who never have the time but want to start cooking. Turn it on before you leave for work and turn it off or to warm when you get home from work. Sur la Table usually sends out 20% coupons in there catalog, so I would definitely sign up for their emails. 4). Erath has absolutely delicious wines that are the perfect gift for any hostess. Bottles are around $30 which you can find at Total wine or Costco. They really are a great wine for a great price. It will definitely make your hostess feel super special. 5). The SkinnyTaste Fast and Slow Cookbook is an AMAZING gift for anyone who loves to cook, wants to learn to cook or someone who just got a crock-pot and doesn't know what to do with it. The recipes are so delicious and easy, and just down right good, and HEALTHY! Macros are listed out for each recipe, so it's perfect for the health-nuts. 6). Barkbox is honestly the only gift you should give your pet or someone else's pet. It's a box full of goodies that make your pup just so very happy. To see them get excited for fun toys and really good treats, is so worth it. If you have a dog that is super rough with toys, like my nugget. Check out the super chewer option, well worth it. 7). Gainz Box is for those Crossfitters, your hubbies or bfs that are obsessed with all things gym. It's filled with the latest and greatest brands, apparel and accessories, supplements, clean eats, and equipment They even have boxes for the girls. Definitely worth checking out. 8). Restoration Hardware has the most beautiful classic games. Our family has always been big into playing board games around the holidays. A few years ago I gifted Scrabble to my brother and we've been playing it every Christmas since. It's such a great gift you buy for the family. Definitely a one and done kind of deal.

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