About Me

Natalie Kay Events & Catering is a company that is all about helping others throw events, dinner parties, or any kind of party that makes you want to literally start to break out in hives over. 

I dream't up this idea back when I lived in New York City. I really enjoyed having my friends over to my tiny, studio on the Upper East Side for dinner; before we all hopped into cabs to head downtown for the nights adventures. Bringing people together is nothing short of magical. Hearing about the weeks mishaps and the upcoming weeks plans, is always so exciting and promising. It's so important for families and friends to stay connected in this crazy and busy world. Everyone has busy schedules nowadays. You even have to schedule time with your family and friends, otherwise a month has passed and your thinking what in the world just happened?  I feel that so many people love to hold gatherings, but don't like the responsibility that comes along with it. So, that is where I come in...

If you have a thought, I can fill in the rest. For nothing brings me greater joy than seeing others enjoying quality time, with the ones they love. I look forward to working with you and helping you make some pretty, magical memories.

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